How to Submit Your Proposal for the 2025 Annual Meeting of SEPA

The SEPA submission portal will open on September 1, 2024.

Important note – proposals for the CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Program should be directed to the CEPO Submission Portal. The CEPO Submission Portal information will be made available soon.

Before uploading your SEPA proposal(s), please carefully review the How to Submit Your Proposal and Rules for Submission documents and adhere to the submission instructions outlined in them.  Any proposal(s) that does not strictly adhere to these submission guidelines will be at risk of disqualification.

Although SEPA membership is not required in order to be listed as first author on any given proposal, a SEPA member (or advanced graduate student member) MUST be included as an author of any proposal submitted by a non-member.  In other words, at least one individual MUST be a SEPA member and be willing to sponsor the proposal to be considered for inclusion in the Annual Meeting Program.

The deadline for uploading SEPA proposals is Tuesday, October 15, 2024 at 6pm Eastern.

Please direct any questions about the SEPA submission process to Dr. Tim Hanchon (