How to Submit for CEPO? The CEPO submission system is now open.

About CEPO

The Committee on Equality of Professional Opportunity (CEPO) is a subcommittee of SEPA, founded in 1972 as the “Committee on the Status of Women.” This committee’s mission is to promote professional equality for all psychologists, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability. The goals of CEPO are to increase membership and participation among under-represented groups, to sponsor programming to address their concerns, and to provide role models, including a SEPA/CEPO Invited Speaker at the SEPA annual meeting. In addition, the committee is charged with monitoring and promoting the professional development and participation of women, minorities, and students in the Southeastern Psychological Association.

The Committee for Equality of Professional Opportunity (CEPO) enables undergraduates to present their research at the SEPA annual meeting. For students this is a good way to meet faculty and students from other SEPA institutions. In addition to presenting and discussing their own research, registered convention participants can attend paper sessions, symposia, and workshops included on the SEPA program.

If you are working on some research, an independent study, or completing a Senior Project / Thesis / Capstone project, please take advantage of this opportunity to present your work. A presentation at SEPA is an additional reward for your efforts and may give you a competitive edge in graduate school admissions.

For a history and review of the ongoing need for CEPO, please read the Eye on Psi Chi Winter 2018-2019 article.