Southeastern Psychological Association

Message from Dr. Finch:

SEPA goes to Charleston!

For a number of years we have been asked when The SEPA Annual meeting will be in Charleston, SC. Well, 2018 will be the year. However we had to make some concessions in our meeting schedule.

Let me explain. To put it bluntly, Charleston is a very busy tourist destination. Hotels run near capacity year round and rooms are usually full on the weekend. As a result, they have not been able to meet our budget guidelines in regards to accommodations if we meet on a weekend.

In light of this, the Central Office went to the executive committee and asked about a meeting schedule that did not go into the weekend. As it turns out, the annual meeting ending on Saturday has not always been the case and the annual meeting has had a variety of beginning and ending days in the past. Given this information we began to pursue options in Charleston. (As an aside, when we sought locations and dates in New Orleans for the 2016 meeting, some of the hotels would not offer weekend days.) As a result of this flexibility in schedule, we were able to schedule to meet in Charleston for the 2018 meeting. The days of the meeting are Tuesday through Friday noon March 6th – March 9th at the Marriott Charleston on the banks of the Ashley River. Be sure and make your reservations early.

As some of you know changes are taking place in Central Office. I will be stepping down as the Administrative Officer at the end of July 2018. To facilitate the transition, the Executive Committee appointed Tim Hanchon as the Administrative Officer Designate and he and I are overlapping until I step down. Tim has been running the Electronic Submission System for a number of years and has been working particularly closely with Central Office during this last year as part of the transition. Currently he is head of the NASP approved school psychology graduate program at The Citadel. He, Amy Limehouse Eager, and I are working to make this transition seamless.

Al Finch
SEPA Administrative Officer
The Citadel