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R3 Continuum Panel

R3 Continuum is seeking master and doctorate level Psychologists to join our panel.

Fitness for duty evaluations:
The purpose to evaluating an employee is to determine whether they can safely perform the essential functions of their job. This involves reviewing employment records, clinical interview, administering psychological testing, provider or collateral interviews, and producing a report summarizing your conclusions and answering specific questions. Volume of work varies. This requires a doctorate degree, an active state license, and it is preferred that you have an office to see patients.

Disruptive event management:
providing psycho-educational resources soon after a disruptive event; working with managers on how best to help their employees, providing psychological first aid to the employees in group and individual settings, and linking employees to their employee assistance programs. Disruptive events can be job-site accidents, on- and off-the-job site fatalities, bank and retail robberies, and downsizings. The volume of work does vary. This requires an independent license, master degree in mental health discipline, and specialized training in resiliency/psychological first aid with groups (or be willing to take a DEM training).

TeleGard face to face:
providing standard psychotherapy services, reporting paperwork will be provided to you. This requires an independent license, master degree in mental health discipline, and an office to see patients that is not in your home. 

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