Southeastern Psychological Association

How to Submit for SEPA 2022

Final Instructions for SEPA Poster and Pre-Recorded Presentation:

The information below is intended primarily for SEPA poster presenters as well as those who indicated a preference to pre-record their sessions for the upcoming SEPA Virtual Annual Meeting (Note – separate guidelines for those who are slated to participate in the CEPO/Psi Undergraduate Research Poster session are located HERE.)

If you did NOT indicate a preference to pre-record your session, it is our intention to schedule you for a live streamed session during the Annual Meeting (March 17th – March 20th). Note – if you are scheduled for a live streamed session, you do NOT need to upload your final presentation materials or follow the guidelines provided below. Instead, you must be available to conduct your presentation live on the day/at the time your session is scheduled. A full schedule of events will be forthcoming shortly.

Instructions for SEPA poster presenters and pre-recorded sessions are as follows:

  1. Although it is not required, please consider using PowerPoint to create your final presentation. For poster presenters, instead of creating one large slide, you might consider creating a multi-slide file that is more easily navigated by attendees who will be viewing your work on their computer screens (i.e., instead of having to scroll around a large file on a relatively small screen, attendees can simply toggle back and forth between slides as they wish). In this regard, you may consider constructing your presentation by creating an “Introduction” slide, followed by “Research Questions” (and/or “Hypotheses”), “Methods,” “Results,” and so on. Ultimately, you will have the latitude to create the presentation that you believe best conveys the work you have conducted (i.e., SEPA has no prescribed or strict instructions for creating your final presentation).
  2. As was indicated previously, you may also consider recording a brief narrative description and/or summary of your work (e.g., narrated PPT slides; Note – this is NOT required for SEPA presenters).
  3. Ideally, you should save your final presentation as a “PDF” file rather than a “.ppt” file (this will help to ensure that the integrity of your final file cannot be altered or compromised by others).
  4. Please use the following naming convention to label your presentation file before uploading (this will help us to ensure that your presentation efficiently makes its way into the correct folder):
  • Last name of first author_
  • Subject area and/or session type_
  • Poster, paper, or symposium

    Example: Hanchon_Education_Poster
  1. If you have been identified as a finalist for one of the awards competitions (e.g., OPPA, GSRA, ECRA, CEPO Student Research Awards for Minorities and Women), please follow the submission instructions that were (or will be) provided to you directly by your respective award competition chair. In other words, you should disregard the instructions outlined above and instead adhere to the instructions provided by your competition chair.
  2. When you are ready to upload and/or share your final presentation file, the link will appear here.
  3. The deadline for receiving your final presentation files is 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. (Eastern time).

If you have any questions about the instructions above, please email Dr. Tim Hanchon (