Southeastern Psychological Association

How to Submit to the CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Program

Announcing the 2018 Undergraduate Student Research Program
sponsored by the Committee for Equality of Opportunity and Psi Chi!

Linda D. Jones, PhD

Department of Psychological Science
Belmont University

Phone: (615) 460-6806

Jenny Mason, PhD

Department of Psychology
Cumberland University

Phone: (615) 547-1338


All questions in regards to CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Submissions should be directed to
Dr. Jones or Dr. Mason.
(See Table Above)

  • The SEPA office does not oversee this poster session.
  • In addition, if presenting for CEPO you must still register with SEPA as a member or nonmember.

In the past, students have called or e-mailed with questions. If you find you have questions that are not answered after reviewing the information provided on this site, please feel free to contact Dr. Jones or Dr. Mason.


Visit the Submission Site to submit your 2017-18 CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Poster Abstract.