Southeastern Psychological Association

How to Submit to the CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Program

Dear 2022 CEPO/Psi Chi Virtual Conference Participants,

Listed below are instructions for submitting your materials for the online repository and conference proceedings. This email is intended only for CEPO/Psi Chi undergraduate poster presenters as well as those who were awarded the opportunity to present their papers orally for the upcoming SEPA Virtual Annual Meeting. (Note – separate guidelines for those who are slated to participate in the SEPA poster session will be sent in a different email as well as posted on the SEPA website).

Please follow these instructions to complete your submission for the annual meeting:

  1. Although it is not required, please consider using PowerPoint to create your final poster or paper presentation, with overlaid audio recording so that you can verbally “walk through” your poster or discuss each of your slides for paper presentations. However, these audio recordings are not required for submitting.  If you prefer not to include those, you can submit as PowerPoint or PDF files. If you use PowerPoint, please also note that you could make use of the Notes function to give the viewer written information about what you would like them to focus on in your slide progression or for your poster.
  2. Save that document in PowerPoint as a “PDF” file rather than a”.ppt” file (as this helps to ensure that the integrity of your document cannot be altered or compromised by others). Please save it in the following file name format: LASTNAME_CEPO. Here, LASTNAME should be the last name of the first/presenting author.
  3. Upload your completed PowerPoint poster or paper presentation slide(s) to the following Dropbox location - link to be provided soon.
  4. Once you have submitted the file, send an email to that simply contains a subject line with the file name submitted (LASTNAME_CEPO) and in the body of the email the title and authors of the submitted file. This will allow us to confirm receipt of your file and have a record of all submissions.

The date/time info for the submission deadline will be provided soon.

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dr. Jenny Mason, Chair of Undergraduate Planning, via email at