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How to Submit to the CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Program

Thank you for your interest in presenting research at the Southeastern Psychological Association's CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate poster session.

Privacy Policy Statement: This application portal is maintained by Please refer to or contact for information pertaining to your personal information while using or this application portal. Submissions are reviewed by the Committee on Equality of Professional Opportunity (CEPO), which is a subcommittee of the Southeastern Psychological Associations (SEPA), and the Psi Chi Southeastern Steering Committee.


The Intent to Submit Fee for CEPO is $15.00 per submission and must be paid during the submission process. 

2020 CEPO/Psi Chi Undergraduate Poster Submission Portal



First Author Requirements

The first author must be:

  1. an undergraduate student;
  2. the person submitting the abstract; and
  3. planning to present at the conference. 

Note: In order to attend and present, registration for the SEPA Annual Meeting is mandatory. Also, post-baccalaureate students and graduate students should submit to the main SEPA program.

Abstract Submission Requirements

The abstract must adhere to the following requirements: 


  1. Have your abstract be between 400-640 words.
  2. Follow the proper APA capitalization guidelines for titles, e.g., Your Title Needs to Look Like This.
  3. Be in one complete paragraph. There should be NO spaces between sections of the paragraph and you should not indent anywhere in the paragraph.
  4. Put degrees of freedom be in parentheses, e.g., [t(75) = F(2,116)=], when reporting statistical results. If you are unsure of proper citation format, check with your faculty sponsor.
  5. Use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).


  • Have identifying authorship or institutional affiliation.

Abstracts not adhering these requirements may not be evaluated.

The FIRST AUTHOR is expected to be the person submitting the application, will be the contact person for all conference related information, and is also expected to present at the conference.


However, applications can be saved and edited prior to final submission.


Contact Information: 

For all CEPO/Psi Chi related undergraduate awards, please contact Linda Jones and Jenny Mason.
( and

For CEPO Student Awards for Research on Minorities & Women (undergraduate or graduate students), please contact Rihana Mason (

For all Psi Chi related questions, please contact Darren Bernal (

For Psi Chi programming updates at SEPA, visit the Psi Chi SEPA Convention page.