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This is the official website for the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA).

SEPA is a regional psychological association affiliated with the American Psychological Association (APA).

64th SEPA Annual Meeting Advertisement.  Visit the Annual Meeting Info page for further details.

64th Annual Meeting Invited Speakers

Dr. Gary Bennett – Duke University
Dr. Bennett’s specific research areas are: Designing tests and disseminating digital obesity treatments. He is especially interested in integrating digital health treatments into the primary care setting. Dr. Bennett developed the interactive obesity treatment approach (iOTA); his recent work demonstrates the effectiveness of coach-led, digital obesity treatments. 

Dr. Anne Cleary – Colorado State University 
Dr. Cleary’s specific research areas are:  Recognition without cued recall, Tip-of-the-Tongue experiences and Déjà vu.

Dr. Bradley Hack – University of North Carolina
Dr. Hack’s specific research area is: Sport Psychology.

Dr. Ralph W. Hood Jr. – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Dr. Hood’s specific research areas are: Psychology of Religion, Philosophical Psychology and Religious Serpent Handling.

Dr. Paul Rozin – University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Rozin’s specific research areas are:  Cultural psychology with a focus on understand the role of food in human life, positive psychology, the meaning of “natural” and positive and negative memories. 


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